How to Customize Your Yahoo! Homepage

Published: 23rd December 2009
Views: N/A is a quick reference for making your Yahoo! homepage the most ideal for you. If you don't know much about Yahoo!, or you haven't spent very much time looking at the features Yahoo offers, you may not have realized how in-depth and useful their resources can be. If you customize just the way you want it, not only will it fit your personal taste, but also provide you with the ultimate resource for just about every Internet service you need!

*Colors and Themes*

One way to customize is changing very basic layout edits, like the background color. This isn't really a crucial aspect of, but it is a fun and interactive way that Yahoo! allows you to express your personality. You don't have to have an account with Yahoo to make these changes. Yahoo! recognizes your computer, so the preferences you select are based on the computer that accessed their site. This unfortunately also means that you may not be able to save settings on the Yahoo site for more than one user per computer.

From the top right side of the Yahoo! homepage, click "Page Options". The first heading is "Select Color". Choose one of the six colors to change the background color of the page.


There are two views for the Yahoo! homepage layout. The compact view is great for easier loading or if you prefer simplicity. Compact view is also ideal if you are on dial-up or a similar slow connection. You will notice that, in the compact view, you have a "My Favorites" box in the top right corner. It has links to the most popular Yahoo features, as well as links to other sites that you might want to go to for news, research, entertainment, or social media updates. This list can be edited if you click the "Add" or "Edit" buttons. There are over a hundred links to choose from!

The full view is a more interactive, multimedia view. Instead of having the small box of links on the right, there's a large list on the left with the same links. The links mentioned above (when in the full view) are web applications, or web apps. Each app, if hovered over, will load a small preview window that slides out to the right. Because of its animated quality, it is more functional than a link because many times the preview is sufficient. This saves time you would spend navigating to each of these sites separately. However, it can also be more time consuming, 1, because the preview is not full featured, and 2, because it will take a few seconds just to load the preview if you have a slow Internet connection. Also, in order to use many of the previews, you will have to be logged in to the site or at least to Yahoo. Once you have logged in and your information is saved, this can be very convenient.

Of course, you can avoid hovering and getting previews altogether by simply clicking on the link and opening the corresponding website. The "Add" and "Edit" buttons are also available here to customize the apps that are displayed.

*Apps Gallery*

As mentioned above, you can "Add" or "Edit" the links or apps that are listed on the homepage. Yahoo offers over a hundred apps in their Apps Gallery. They range from finance to entertainment to techie news and resources. All of the original Yahoo services are available here as well, like Mail, Answers, and Music, etc. Yahoo! makes having a homepage that has tools that you want easy! It also provides a way for you to not have to see what you don't want-but with the option to change your mind later.

Take your time to look around in the Apps Gallery. You might find fascinating resources you didn't even know about! Once you have the page tailored to your tastes, you might find yourself using Yahoo a lot more than before! is an all-American owned and operated provider of Maryland DSL. Call today, 1-800-336-3318 or sign up online. More online tips and news can be found at

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