How Much Does Dial-up Cost?

Published: 26th October 2009
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When calculating the cost of dial-up, there are many factors to consider. The following is a list of every possible cost that you may need to consider if you had a dial-up service. Some of these are not necessary, or may not be a cost for you, so keep this in mind.

1. Monthly Dial-up Service. This is usually the obvious cost first considered. There are fortunately an abundance of dial-up internet service providers who have rates from 5-20 dollars a month. Here are a few things to consider as well: Is this a only starting rate? Are there any other fees? What are the forms of payment (for example, can you only pay by credit card? If so, you may want to consider your credit card interest rates, etc.)?

2. Other Dial-up Service costs. Contractual fees, technical support, cancellation fees, overuse charges, and late fees are a few extra costs that might be associated with a dial-up service. These are a few things that in some cases do not even exist, but in other cases could nearly double or triple the original monthly fee. Some services, for example, will allow you to sign up for free dial-up Internet service, but have a usage limit of 10 or 20 hours a month. Then, if you exceed this limit, high prices are charged by the hour or minute. This can be avoided by reading the terms of service of dial-up companies and only signing up with companies who do not charge (or not many) additional fees.

3. Monthly Phone Service. In order to use dial-up you must have an active land line phone service. In some cases, a cell phone might work. If you already have a land line and use it regularly, you would not need to figure this as a dial-up expense. Although this is not necessary, some people buy two land line phones so that dial-up does not tie up the voice phone line. This might be of interest to those that need phone lines to stay open for business use or frequent personal use.

4. Equipment costs. Usually these costs are overlooked, because most people already have all the equipment they need. The list is quite small: A phone cord, a computer, and a dial-up modem. Most computers automatically have a dial-up modem installed inside it, but some recent computers are sold without dial-up modems. If this is the case, an external modem would have to be purchased. Typically dial-up modems are about 20-50 dollars. If you buy a modem online, you must consider the shipping charges. Most people have a computer and a phone line before they even consider getting dial-up, and most computers have a working dial-up modem. If this is the case, then none of the above would need to be considered a dial-up expense.

5. Other Modem Expenses. After the connection is established, it is possible that after some time, the dial-up modem ceases to function or does not establish the highest possible connection speed. This is usually a result of using an older computer that has the original modem installed. It is possible that that modem would be the cause of slow connections, if it did not have the latest compression technology found in the newest modem standard. If in the middle of a dial-up service subscription, the modem would need to be replaced, this cost would be involved.

6. Phone line repairs. In the event that a phone line either going to your house, or poorly wired inside your house would have to be rewired, repaired, or replaced, this would be a dial-up associated cost. Many times a dial-up connection's slow speeds or frequent disconnects can be traced back to poor phone lines. If this is the case, the phone lines are often acceptable for making phone calls, so any costs involved to making changes would directly be a dial-up expense. If the phone lines are clear and in good working condition, it is quite possible that this expense would never occur.

7. Extra services and features. If you connected to a dial-up service, you might choose to add accelerators and other features that would increase your monthly costs. Also, some dial-up services offer an Internet-call waiting feature. This requires that you have call-waiting and call forwarding on the phone service that the dial-up service uses. If this is added, and not previously a part of your phone service, you may consider this a dial-up expense. Keep in mind that these are only optional and those that wish to save money usually do not choose these options.

Internet access is available as little as for $6.95 a month in the US and Canada. Sign up online or call 1-800-456-3118.

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